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Water Sector Regulatory Council (WSRC) is responsible for addressing complaints between customers and water service providers, in accordance to Article 24 of the Water Law no. 14 (2014). Customers that are dissatisfied with their water or sewerage service provider should contact their provider in the first instance to see if the issue can be resolved directly. The WSRC will not normally consider complaints where the water providers have not had an opportunity resolve the matter. In the event that the matter is still not resolved, the WSRC may be able to help solve the issue. Customer complaints are classified as follow. Water supply and continuity complaints; Water quality complaints; Billing complaints; Others. Water service providers are required to develop Customer Service Manuals specifying methods for handling customer complaints and to provide customers with a phone number and/or other contact information for directing complaints. The WSRC will monitor the implementation of the customer service tools and work to ensure customer satisfaction.  


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