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Regulated Sector

Water and wastewater services are provided by over 280 water service providers in Palestine. These water service providers differ substantially in terms of institutional structures, which include:

  • Water Authorities and Undertakings
  • Municipal Departments
  • Village and Joint Service Councils

The West Bank Water Department (WBWD) is the sole bulk water provider in the West Bank, distributing to the majority of water service providers in the West Bank. In addition, there are about 24 municipal departments serving the Gaza Strip and the Coastal Municipal Water Utility (CMWU), which serves as both a regional service provider and a bulk supplier to other municipal sub-providers in Gaza.

Water service providers in Palestine operate under varying institutional, administrative, operational and financial conditions. Major differences are found in terms of service areas, availability and nature of water resources, operational costs, financial resources, etc.

Untill the year of 2014, the WSRC has been monitoring the performance of 15 major water service providers in the West Bank and 19 water service providers in the Gaza Strip, including the WBWD and CMWU. The number of monitored water service providers will gradually increase within the next 5 years to cover all water service providers in Palestine.