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Policy & Legislation

The Tariff system was approved by Council of Ministers in 2013, the system mainly specifies the overall objectives of tariff policy, procedure, workflow and cost calculation, the Palestinian Water Authority currently works over the new water tariff system which will include drinking and agriculture water. 

The Water Law of 2014 is based on the “Action Plan for Reform” of 2009 and the Institutional Water Sector Review of 2011.

The following needs were formulated during the reform process and incorporated into the Water Law of 2014:

  • Separating policy and regulation through the establishment of an autonomous regulator for water and wastewater service provision.
  • Clustering of service providers to strengthen commercialization, including improvement of service quality and financial viability into regional water utilities.
  • Establishment of the National Water Company as bulk water supplier.
  • Establishment of Water Users Associations, which will be responsible for the sustainable management of irrigation water including suitable treated waste water.