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Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

To properly monitor and encourage the improvement of water service provision in Palestine, the WSRC is continuing a program for monitoring the performance of water service providers through key performance indicators.

Importance of Performance Monitoring

A performance monitoring system can be of use to many stakeholders in the water sector and is a necessary step for effective regulation. Key performance indicators offer a sound and internationally accepted form of measure of the quality of services provided and allow transparent, objective comparisons between different providers. A nationally accepted sound performance monitoring system for water and sanitation service providers in Palestine can play a key role in the process of improving the quality of services offered to the Palestinian population and can induce incentives to managers of the service providers in increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

A performance monitoring system can be of use to many actors in the water sector and is a necessary first step for effective regulation.
For the Water Sector Regulatory Council…

A performance monitoring system allows the WSRC to gauge the performance of water service providers against national benchmarks. This not only provides an overall view of sector development but also provides an in-depth look into key areas of underdevelopment. Key Performance Indicators used in the annual monitoring assessments signal to problem areas in water service delivery and allow the WSRC to pinpoint deficiencies and develop mitigation needed. Publication of performance monitoring reports offers a means for communication with customers and increases transparency in water and wastewater services. The WSRC monitors compliance of water service providers to national policies and standards and reports directly to the Palestinian Cabinet of Ministers.

For water service providers…

A performance monitoring system provides managers of water service providers with a measure of performance and allows the development of improved operational methodologies. Results of performance assessments can be used as a common basis for comparing performance indicators between service providers and for benchmarking with other institutions in the water industry thus inducing self-motivation for improvement of the quality of services offered. Performance indicators assist managers in efficient planning, decision making and allocation of financial resources targeted to improve performance where needed. Furthermore, this encourages sharing of good practices among service providers.

For policy makers…

A performance monitoring system helps to inform policy makers about the water and wastewater sector with accurate, specific and transparent information. Policy makers make use of trends in sector performance to formulate and develop sector policies. Performance monitoring results will support sector planning, resource allocations, investments planning, and the development of national regulations and standards.

For the customers…

A transparent performance indicator system will offer a measure of the quality of services provided to customers by translating complex processes into simplified, presentable information. Monitoring water services helps to fulfill and protect customers’ interests and needs and protects customers from monopolistic practices. It will also promote accountability and maintain a balance between the level of service and its price, thus ensuring that customers are receiving water services in accordance with national standards.